Start a blog

Starting a blog is easy!

You can be up and running in just five minutes. Want the deets? See my video below!

These steps accompany the video. Or are for people who prefer the written word (rare creature you).

1. Go to HostGator.com

2. Click view web hosting deals

3. You have a few choices here. Choose the hatchling plan if you’re only planning on having one domain; choose the baby plan if you’re planning on having more than one. Me, I’m on the baby plan, as I’ve got about 20 websites in total.

I probably should have said at the start why I chose HostGator over all the over hosts, including BlueHost. Well, I’m a bit of a stingy/prudent guy, and HostGator are cheap. Yes, other WordPress hosts are cheap, but HostGator are cheaper, especially if you’re signing up with a coupon code (on which, more below!). The long and short of it is this: I use HostGator for all my sites and I’ve been really pleased with the level of service I’ve received. So have hundreds of thousands of others. Of course, at the end of the day, hosting is a personal choice and you should go with who you feel most comfortable with.

4. Choose your domain name. Try to use a .com, .net or .org, in that order. Keep it short. Don’t use hyphens (they’re ugly).

5. Enter a coupon code.

Important! If you want 25% off your hosting plan, instead of the standard 20%, which everyone gets, use the coupon code charlielivingston. That’s my name, all one word, lowercase or upper, doesn’t matter.

5. Choose your billing cycle. 12 months works for most people, and on the hatchling plan hosting works out at just a smidgen over $5 a month, which isn’t too shabby.

6. Choose your account information and enter your billing information. I don’t think I need say anything about these steps.

7. It’s unlikely you’ll need any of the addons, so untick them all.

8. Review your order details, tick the box to confirm you’ve read the terms and conditions and click create account.

9. You’ll receive an email in the next few minutes containing your account information which you can use to log in to your cPanel and install WordPress.

10. Log in to your cPanel, scroll down to Software/Services and click on Quick Install. On the left sidebar, click WordPress and then continue. Fill in the blanks and hit install.

11. Click on the link to your admin area and log in using your admin name and password.

12. To publish your first post, go to Posts > Add New. Hit publish when you’re done. That’s it!


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